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My First Blog

Posted on: December 31, 2008 8:40 am

Hey this is my first blog on what it is like not being able to watch your games every Sunday afternoon and what other stuff I do in order to keep up with my football.

It is said to say that when i watch games, I'm not actually watching them I watch the stats on this website flash up on the screen at least 2 minutes after the play took place.  Not only does this kill me, it also lets me know more about the games and how others feel about rather than just Troy Aikman's opinion on the game (no offense great player, terrible commentator).  I am aware of the stats for every game and who did the best and not just people's thoughts on who out-performed the rest.  Also I do not have Sportscenter, and when I return to the States I spend every morning for atleast an hour keeping up with the latest sporting news.

But it is not all bad for me here, I am able to play fantasy football, which i have reached the championship game with 6 teams in the past 2 years and winning 4 of them.  Maybe its because I'm bored and have to much time or I just learn more about football.  (Sidenote:to all of those people joining a fantasy football league please make sure you stay for the entire season, it is no fun when one guy has a league where no body is playing and is auomatically in the playoffs.)  Anyways I can watch the occassional prime time game at 3 in the morning, I will normally stay up unless it is one of the million Browns games (how did they get so many).  Of course this last til 6 then i have to leave for school by 7 so it normally ruins the rest of my day unless my team wins, which the Cowboys normally do on primetime.

Also I am the only American teenager interested in Football in a school of 400 so if anybody is willing to talk football with me just reply.

Hope it wasn't boring.

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